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Our Safety Philosophy

Safety first and forward thinking – that is The WWRC Safety Approach. Safety first sounds cliche but in this line of work, it’s the only option; personnel safety trumps profit at all times. Jobsite safety, for our own employees, our subcontractors, our owners is always a number one priority. Our forward thinking safety managers are always looking forward to the next step, toward eliminating potential problems and providing complete jobsite safety. The WWRC Safety Approach sets us apart from our competitors and ensures our clients of the safest sites possible.

The WWRC Safety Approach encompasses compliance in all areas of safety. All jobsite superintendents, foremen and project managers complete rigorous OSHA classes and certifications. Continuing education in all areas of safety and compliance is provided to all employees and any subcontractors working for us. We accomplish this by mandatory weekly safety meetings at all jobsites.

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